Strategic Performance Group (SPG) provides human capital solutions, organization development, facilitation and leadership coaching to a wide range of clients. Here is what some of them have to say about our services.

We had some really terrible employees. At some points, I wanted to fire the whole staff. Strategic Performance Group strongly advised me to cool my jets and, thankfully, I still have a staff. They’re even happy now. I don’t shout and make threats to fire them anymore. That really seems to help. SPG works wonders. — Tom W. Attitude, The Company That Gets Along Now

Lisa, Chris and Ginny are all absolutely wonderful. They do so many fabulous things. Just to list just a few, SPG rescued a drowning duck from the lake outside of our office building , they made sure that we all had staplers and they even let us leave early one day. They’re great. — Jane B. Strange, Important Company LLC

One day, I was so overwhelmed with managing my company, I crawled under my desk and stayed there for an entire week. Sometimes a helpful employee would toss a piece of candy to me from out of the dish in the reception area. That was nice. What really helped was SPG. I’m so glad. I really needed a shower. — Ron N. Hyde, Business Oddities Inc.