team1Achieving a competitive advantage through people begins with making smart hiring decisions.  At SPG we work with our clients to identify the knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors required for success in your unique environment and culture.  We then develop methods to assess employees on these competencies to foster sound selection, succession planning, training/development, and promotion decisions.  Services include:

  • Administration and interpretation of cognitive ability, personality, emotional intelligence, conflict management, career interest, values/motives, perceived stress and integrity tests
  • Development and administration of structured interviews protocols including behavior-based interviews, situational interviews, and panel interviews
  • Development and administration of multi-rater (360-degree) feedback instruments
  • Adverse impact analysis to ensure that your selection and assessment processes do not unfairly discriminate against protected classes of employees

Development and implementation of realistic job previews to provide a transparent look into the job and the work environment candidates would experience, so they can make an informed decision about whether or not the job and company fits their needs.  Research has indicated the realistic job previews reduce turnover by up to 25%.