abstract6_team_footballSPG offers coaching to intact and newly formed teams. Topics addressed in team coaching include defining goals, implementing strategy, aligning intentions with perceptions, communicating effectively, recognizing and resolving conflicts, and practicing effective leadership. We emphasize the core skills of dialogue: listening, inquiry and advocacy, and we support team members as they incorporate these skills in to the day-to-day activities of the team.

In our coaching role, we highlight and leverage team members’ strengths and we also ask provocative questions about the interactions we see and the contributions each team member makes. Team performance and results are central, and we help the teams we work with to identify effective patterns of behavior and to define the structures that support them. We help team members and team leaders learn and practice coaching behaviors. In this way, teams are able to continue to perform effectively long after the work with their SPG coach is complete.  In our coaching work, we often incorporate the following.

  • Identifying team purpose or vision
  • Clarifying ground rules
  • Principles of dialogue
  • Inventories as appropriate, data (quantitative and qualitative) gathered from team and others
  • Role-playing conversations
  • Action learning
  • Measurement tools (action plans, team critiques)

We believe strongly in helping teams to develop systems and tools supporting the new behaviors they want to put in to practice. The right attitude is important, but attitude alone is not enough to sustain behavioral change. Learning how to achieve and sustain desired results is the objective of our coaching work with teams.