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Effective leaders and managers intuitively know that a positive organizational climate leads to employees who are productive and engaged. Decades of scientific research support this notion, demonstrating a powerful link between organizational climate, employee satisfaction and employee retention. Savvy business leaders regularly “take the pulse” of their organizations using surveys to find out what employees are thinking, to identify what the organization is doing well and to target areas for improvement.

Strategic Performance Group designs, administers, interprets and reports the results of employee opinion surveys, climate surveys and organizational effectiveness surveys. Working closely with each client, we conduct a thorough needs analysis to determine the key issues to survey. Using state-of-the-art software, SPG

  • Designs Web-based and/or paper-and-pencil surveys;
  • Administers the survey in a confidential and timely fashion;
  • Prepares a comprehensive report of the findings, including benchmark comparisons with other organizations and recommendations for improvements;
  • Assists the organization (see Change Management) designing and implementing actions for results.

SPG’s survey services include:

  • Goal-setting and project-planning
  • Issue and content development
  • Survey design
  • Survey deployment
  • Response tracking
  • Data analysis and benchmarking
  • Report generation
  • Communicating results to employees
  • Taking action and implementing a change management approach

Testing and Assessment

The success of any organization depends on the quality of its employees. At SPG, we work with clients to identify the knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors required for success in the client’s unique environment and culture. We then develop methods to assess employees on these competencies to foster sound selection, succession planning, training/development and promotion decisions. Services include the development, administration, and interpretation of

  • Tests on cognitive ability, personality, emotional intelligence, conflict management, career interest, values/motives, perceived stress and integrity
  • Structured interview protocols, including behavioral-based interviews, situational interviews, and panel interviews
  • Multi-rater (360 degree) feedback instruments
  • Adverse impact studies

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