abstract3_man_markerSPG coaches work with corporate, federal, and not-for-profit leaders who want to make a difference in their organizations and in their lives.  Most often senior executives and managers benefit from having a dedicated resource supporting their agenda whether the focus is leading effectively, influencing others, preparing the organization for current or future challenges, managing transitions, or evaluating options.  We have supported professionals with titles such as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Assistant Secretary, Deputy Administrator, Deputy Director, General Counsel, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer, Executive Director, Chief People Officer, Vice President, Branch Chief, Operations Director, Program Manager and others.  Coaching is fundamentally about learning and change.  Our approach is behavior-based, action-oriented and results-driven.  We emphasize the following elements in the coaching relationship:

  • Identify a coachable result – it is important to clarify the purpose of the coaching relationship and to clearly describe the measures of success.  SPG coaches are purposeful about helping the client to define, “what will be different?” and “How will we know?”
  • Confirm the connection –a strong connection between the coach and the client enables both parties to do their best work.  If, after an initial meeting, either party feels that the client would be better served by another coach, SPG works with the organization to provide alternatives for the client.
  • Clarify the relationship and the logistics – SPG always uses a written agreement describing the parameters of the coaching relationship, confidentiality, logistics, etc.
  • Make use of data – if the client is working within an organization, we recommend collecting data at the beginning and at the end of the coaching process.  Data can come from many sources including the client and others.
  • Enroll others in the process –SPG encourages clients to include others in their learning process.  By sharing specific development goals and by asking for feedback along the way, clients clarify their intentions and contribute to shifting the perceptions that others may hold.

SPG coaches help clients to develop systems and tools which lead to desired results.  The right attitude is important, but attitude alone is not enough to sustain behavioral change.  We help clients create measures for doing and being results and feedback loops that provide accurate, timely information.  Learning how to achieve and sustain desired results is the objective of our coaching work with each individual.  This way they can continue the learning process long after our work together is complete.