For more than two decades, Strategic Performance Group (SPG) has provided business consulting to clients U.S. government units, including the departments of agriculture, education, interior, justice and state, and the Environmental Protection Agency. In 2017, SPG was recognized by the Agricultural Research Service as a woman-owned business contractor of the year.

SPG?s work is informed by and supports the Office of Personnel Management?s (OPM) vision: ?empowering excellence in government through great people.? While SPG?s projects have been wide-ranging, the primary focus has been on leadership development and performance management. Selected examples of projects include the following:?

  • Designed and delivered office-wide training for USDA supervisors and nonsupervisory staff in support of a newly designed performance management system
  • Designed and delivered facilitator training to support a culture change initiative with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC); provided additional support to the FDIC culture change council chairman and members as they moved from one of the worst mid-sized agencies to the best (#1 in 2011-2016) recognized by the Partnership for Public Service.
  • Facilitated multiple strategy meetings for the under secretary and the administrators in this mission area seeking to rebrand U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) science
  • Designed and facilitated strategy process for USDA assistant secretary and his team seeking to engage all employees and ?tell their story?
  • Supported USDA branch chiefs as they formed an agency Business Council to provide strategic support to the executive team
  • Created multiple leadership development programs (cohort and mixed groups) resulting in significant promotions for participants
  • Facilitated focus groups to collect additional data to explain OPM survey results