Strategic Performance Group?s team of industrial psychologists develops executive compensation and benefits plans and variable compensation systems that give clients the competitive edge they seek.

SPG applies the latest research on work motivation and reward systems to achieve the following objectives for its clients.

  • Establish a compensation philosophy based on the client?s unique mission, business drivers and business model
  • Achieve internal and external equity to ensure that employees are paid fairly and competitively in relation to one another and to the external marketplace
  • Establish a salary structure including job families with market-based salary ranges
  • Create decision tools to reward each employee based on their market position, their performance and the strategic importance of their job
  • Develop variable compensation plans that motivate and reward high performance
  • Benchmark employee benefits against the external market to determine their competitiveness as part of total compensation
  • Develop a communication strategy to promote transparency concerning compensation
  • Integrate compensation with other key HR systems