Strategic Performance Group helps organizations negotiate the challenges and opportunities that often accompany OD change and implementation. We’re experts in identifying the strengths on which to build and in supporting clients through transition. The key is not only to plan the change but also to build a supportive infrastructure by coordinating all systems and people so change and success are “hard-wired” into the organization. The following steps are involved in this process.

  • Clarify the opportunities: develop vision/purpose and goals, clarify organization structure and culture, determine customer needs and expectations identify competencies and skill levels, and analyze internal and external factors.
  • Collect and analyze the data: define qualitative and quantitative measures of all dimensions; utilize inventories, surveys, benchmarking, focus groups, document analysis, interviews, and environmental scan; analyze gap between current and desired results.
  • Feedback the data and create roadmap to change: Clarify leadership and stakeholder objectives, create options by assessing consequences of action/inaction, plan future course that leads to desired results.
  • Implement roadmap: build new structures, systems, infrastructures, technology, mindsets, and procedures; communicate and gain buy-in throughout the transition by managing beginnings and endings; facilitate ongoing development and transformation.
  • Evaluate and monitor: determine qualitative and quantitative results, employ customer and employee surveys, track progress, and communicate successes and ongoing improvement.